░██░─☽ “You said short—— so like… I’m tall.” 

Avoids dragging herself further into this.
         needs to win.
"I meant an abbreviation. It would be ridiculous to
make a humorous gesture at your height.”

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"I-I’m alright, Unohana-taichou, they didn’t hurt me…" As for psychological trauma, well—he’ll get over it someday.

"I see.——Very well, take the rest of the day to rest, and return to
your duties tomorrow.”

Quietly wonders if she should set up a form of therapy; dismisses the thought.



"thanks, babe."

A smile forms on her lips, he’s much taller than she,
but it does not stop her from reaching up, stretching
until her toes are all that is remaining on the ground,
to wrap her arms about his neck. To drag him down
into her hold. Lips part in gentle and soothing sounds
as the lullaby forms and falls gracefully from her lips. 

They were all she really bothered to learn.

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"——It seems you survived."

Bland was the remark that fell so softly from
the petite woman’s lips.  There was no insult
or remorse, nor did her tone take relief in that.
Retsu truly stood on neutral grounds.

A part of her was curious as to how,
receiving help from her would’ve surely
been enough to make for punishment.
Unless he was pretending she wasn’t out
lurking and cleaning up the messes he was
making. Instead of slowly seizing claim to his land.

Her brow’s furrow eased out as she realizes she
slipped too far into thought. There, she turns her
gaze. Smile lifting itself as she greets her with a 
curt bow of her head.

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❝do you know where they are now?❞



such a   gentle   word

why not say slaughtered?

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"would you if i asked?"

"Of course I would. ——You know you don’t have to.”

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She’s totally fussing about why her hair has to be down because his is.

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Title: Warriors
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Played: 12302 times

Farewell, I’ve gone
to take my throne above
don’t weep for me
because this will be the labor of my love

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